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A New Chapter

What's been going on with Reforce Labs? Despite a lack of communication, we have been working on YOE and adding many new and interesting and immersive features. We are also taking a new approach to community engagement.

This new approach starts with this transmission. From now on we plan to release transmissions on Youtube and our blog. There will be multiple of these transmissions each month, these will include one for each of our projects and one for the company overall

We want to be able to communicate with our community and give them updates on what's been going on. We want to be able to talk about new features we are adding and the future of both the games, and the software. The way transmissions will be done is the month after, so the December transmission and updates will come in January.

About Reforce Labs

Anyone can do anything they want, but only if they believe they can.

We take this statement to heart and don't let little things such as technical difficulties get in our way.

Email:[email protected]

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